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These are the faces of the real families and individuals we serve

Our Staff Members!

Photos from "HONOUR PROGRAM" 

Event on the morning of November 14, 2019, and the "LEAD" MEETING held later:

Jeffrey, our local cab driver (and newly-nominated for the position of CAP Awareness  Director),  drove out to Old Airport to assist with cleanup along with pup, Luna

HTF Board Members Regina Weller and Lizanne Caravalho, and Jeffrey and Zach arriving at the Friendly Place in Kona. 

And Meredeth came out to Old Airport to help (with Linda Vandervort in background handling the forms)

And the Prize for "Largest Trash Pickup"

 goes to ...(drum roll)...the Mayor's Deputy Managing Director, Barbara Kossow!



"Law Enforcement Assistance Diversion" Program on Hawaii Island  - BISAC Members and Council Members Maile David, Karen Eoff, Rebecca Villegas, and Assistant City Prosecutor Dale Ross meet in Council Chambers on Novemeber 14, 2019

We're ready to go!

And all the puppies came out, too, to smell out the trash!

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