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Return Home Program

A large sub-population of people experiencing homelessness are not originally from Hawaii. According to the 2022 Point in Time Count on Hawaii Island, "Of the 23 households providing responses, 20 came from states, while three came from foreign countries." Although this number is strikingly high, this number reflects only those who came to Hawaii within the past year. If the amount of time is extended to two years, or even three, the statistic will climb dramatically. With this in mind, we focus on helping individuals who have gotten stuck here to return to their support systems in their home state through our Return Home Program. 

Establish Reception

We don't send anyone somewhere they are not going to be received. We contact families and/or friends who are willing to meet the individual at the airport and help them get on their feet. We help the client and those receiving them to develop an action plan to be enacted once they reach their destination.

Family Reunification

We help individuals get to their destination by purchasing and booking one-way travel plans. If necessary, we purchase suitcases and food cards to get the individual to their destination.


Many people experiencing homelessness have pets living with them. For this reason, we will never turn a client away for simply owning a pet. We are unique in this aspect, but we help individuals with pets to take their animal with them to their destination. 

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