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Love in the time of Covid-19

Their rental apartment was destroyed by Kilauea lava in April 2018. The Lawson family has been here and there tenting it and sleeping in their car since then. Their cat was attacked by a dog and a kind vet sewed him up. They found a landlord who would rent to them at reasonable rent. We paid the 1st and last months rent for them to move into the 1 bedroom furnished home. They’re in!!

808 Homeless Task Force - March 29th, 2020


PRE-CORONA VIRUS TRAVEL:  A man homeless for 9 years in Hawaii walks up to Kona policeman, Officer Nahale,  and asks for help. The HONOUR Community Officer calls 808 Homeless Task Force to assist this person who's been robbed 3 times for his ID and meager belongings. The man is weary and his legs and hands ache.  He's worked as a cook for thirty years for the same restaurant but it closed.  Now his wrists hurt and atrophy has set in. Other people warned me that Lee is difficult, but he’s not, he’s just tired.  He’s an honorable man, just needs a break. We reinstate his disability benefits, and apply for replacement of vital stats, and get in touch with his brother in Fresno who says, “Come home and live with me”.  Family reunification.    We pay his travel fare and police give him ride to airport.   He called me a couple a weeks ago.   “Are you happy, Lee?”,    I asked.”    "I have my own room and bed!", he says.    Enough said.

808 Homeless Task Force - February 10th, 2020

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